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Experience Focused Marketing

Present Customer Expects Better Experience

It is said that present customer focuses on gaining superior experience in any stage of their purchase or usage.

  • Not only at the moment of purchase, but also anytime from before purchase to after use
  • In any touchpoint such as Web, mobile, SNS, and stores
  • Understand what customer expects
  • Meet customer’s expectations with the right timing

As the importance of digital increases, transformation to customer experience focused-marketing is happening.

Regarding Experience Focused Marketing, we appreciate 5 values below to realize improved customer experience.

  1. Entire Journey:Consider not only before and after purchase, but also whole customer purchasing process or utilization phase after purchase
  2. Omni-Channel:Provide better and seamless customer experience across channels, targeting customers who go back and forth through different channels
  3. Personalization:Take into consideration the difference of customer needs and expectations, and provide One-to-One experience based on data
  4. Interactive/Social:Make customer communication interactive rather than one-way, and take social experience into consideration
  5. Real-time/Fast:Provide experience with the right timing. Reply fast in real time

To realize these values, we will promote “Campaign”, “Contents”, and “Analytics” based on “Strategy”, “Data”, “Technology”, and “Governance” (lower half part of circle).

One-stop Service from Strategy Planning to Execution Support

Underworks provides one-stop service from strategy planning to execution support

Strategy Planning

We support upstream process such as digital marketing strategy, technology implementation roadmap, and governance policy etc.

Execution Support

We provide execution support such as website redesign, technology implementation of CMS, MA, and CDP etc.

Maintenance Support

We support daily maintenance and PDCA such as email campaign management, contents planning and production, tool maintenance, and data analysis etc.

Extensive Knowledge and Achievements of Marketing Technology

We have wide range of experiences and achievements, ranging from advertising to infrastructure.

Global Support

We have a strong track record of global projects ranging from the launch of global sites to governance involving overseas subsidiaries.

Number of Countries Involved in Our Projects 15Countries

Europe Office
Paris, France

Bilingual Rate40%

Global Network
Vietnam, Germany, Denmark, India, U.S

Our Services

We provides a one-stop service from Strategy Planning to Execution Support

Range of Services


Strategy Planning and Analysis


Owned Media and Contents Enhancement


Customer Data and Technology Enhancement


Touchpoint and Campaign Management


KPI Management, Data Visualization and Analysis


Digital Governance and Compliance

Strategy Planning and Analysis


Digital strategy, To-Be As-Is fit gap, Persona and Customer journey mapping.

Digital Marketing
Strategy planning

We draw up blueprint and roadmap for To-Be situation.

Infrastructure Framework for Technology Stack

Owned Media and Content Enhancement

2:Owned media

Website renewal, Website integration, Content management system.

Website Redesign

We support experience improvement for owned media.

CMS (Contents Management System) Implementation

We implement CMS tool in a neutral position, and support contents management improvement.

Customer Data and Technology Enhancement


Website renewal, Website integration, Content management system.

Customer Data Integration
CDP Selection and Implementation Support  

We integrate siloed customer data, and leverage them for marketing.

“Tealium Implementation and Data Integration
Execution Support “

We provide, implement, and utilize Tealium.

“Execution Support for TreasureData
Data Management Support”

We support data management and tool integration by leveraging TreasureData.

Touchpoint and Campaign Management

4:Campaign management

Marketing automation, Personalization, Advertisement.

Marketing Automation Tool Selection

We support a client select an oprtimal tool by comparing MA tools or creating RFP etc.

“Oracle Eloqua Implementation and Execution Support
CRM Integration”

We provide, implement, and utilize Oracle Eloqua, a MA tool.

“Marketo Implementation and Execution Support
CRM Integration”

We provide, implement and utilize Marketo, as well as execute campaign planning.

KPI Management, Data Visualization and Analysis


KPI management, Business / Customer intelligence.

BI Implementation and KPI Development Support

We support a client to develop KPI index for ROI measurement

DOMO Integraiton and Execution Support

We provide, implement, and utilize DOMO, a data visualation tool.

Tableau Implementation and Execution Support

We provide, implement and utilize Tableau, a data analysis tool,.

Digital Governance and Compliance


Digital governance, Compliance, Quality management.

Web Governance Policy Establishment

We develop governance rules and policies for website.

Comply with GDPR

We provide GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation, regulation in Europe) compliance service .