Present Customer Expects Better ExperienceEXPERIENCE FOCUSED MARKETING

Due to the change and diversification of values, not only the value of the product or service itself, but also the customer experience, such as what kind of experience the customer has had and what kind of satisfaction the customer has received at every stage from purchase to use and support of the product or service, is becoming more important.
As the importance of digital continues to grow, Underworks will continue to strive to create a superior experience at every customer contact point, including digital.

Regarding Experience Focused Marketing, we appreciate 5 values below to realize improved customer experience.

・Entire Journey:Consider not only before and after purchase, but also whole customer purchasing process or utilization phase after purchase
・Omni-Channel:Provide better and seamless customer experience across channels, targeting customers who go back and forth through different channels
・Personalization:Take into consideration the difference of customer needs and expectations, and provide One-to-One experience based on data
・Interactive/Social:Make customer communication interactive rather than one-way, and take social experience into consideration
・Real-time/Fast:Provide experience with the right timing. Reply fast in real time

To realize these values, we will promote “Campaign”, “Contents”, and “Analytics” based on “Strategy”, “Data”, “Technology”, and “Governance” (lower half part of circle).


Underworks provides comprehensive support for digital marketing, from strategic planning to operation, in order to improve customer experience.


We provide one-stop support not only in the upstream phase such as digital marketing strategy planning, UX planning and customer journey mapping to improve customer experience, but also website renewal, marketing technology implementation and campaign operation support to execute the strategy.

1. Strategy Planning

・Digital Marketing
・Strategic technology implementation roadmap
・Governance policy development

2. Implementation support

・Website renewal
・CMS、marketing automation, CDP and other technologies

3. Operational support

・Email campaigns
・Content planning and production
・Tool operation
・Daily operation and PDCA such as data analysis


While there are many marketing technologies available, we will build an optimal marketing technology stack based on our understanding of your environment, rather than sticking to a specific tool or vendor. Our consultants will act as your marketing technologists, not only to implement the tools but also to help you utilize them to increase your ROI.

Neutral position

We are not dependent on any particular tool vendor, but are familiar with a wide range of marketing technologies around the world and keep abreast of new tools and technologies. Our company independently organizes the technologies in Japan and publishes it as Marketing Technology Chaos Map Japan every year.

Marketing Technologists

All of our marketing technologists are certified in some kind of marketing technology such as MA, CRM, Analytics, BI, etc. We have a lot of experience in not only marketing technology alone, but also in projects where multiple marketing technologies are used in conjunction with each other.


We have a wealth of experience in global projects ranging from the launch of global websites to governance involving overseas subsidiaries. We have a large number of bilingual and trilingual employees, mainly in English and Chinese, and we also have a base in Paris, France, which facilitates communication with overseas companies.

Extensive Global Experience

We have a track record of multinational projects involving members from all over the world, including overseas subsidiaries, overseas local partners, and the Japan headquarters. We support projects in unison with the Japan headquarters, which is responsible for project management, and coordinate with overseas subsidiaries and overseas local partners. By utilizing our bases in Japan and Paris, we can proceed with projects without feeling the time difference.

Bilingual Ratio of Employees

We have a diverse group of employees with nationalities not only from Japan, but also from Canada, England, Russia, India, Taiwan, and China. We have bilingual and trilingual employees who can speak not only English, but also French, Chinese, and other languages to facilitate communication.

About Underworks

As professional consultants, we see ourselves as a dark horse to our clients.
Instead of taking credits, we would rather be a professional team to help clients achieve their objectives.
With intentions to be an inconspicuous yet vital role (“strong worker under the edge” in literal translation) for our clients, we chose Underworks to be our company name.

A Future Beyond Your ImaginationOUR VISION

Technology is transforming the future. Our goal is to empower people to live a better life and help create a better future. The future shall be far better than our imagination.
This is why we dedicate ourselves to the exploration and creation of the future and beyond.

Marketing OrchestrationOUR MISSION

In order to provide a better customer experience, we aim to create a world in which everything related to marketing is orchestrated, from the planning of marketing strategies to the implementation and operation of measures, including not only the tools and designs on the front side, which are the points of contact with customers, but also the systems and data on the back side, as well as the operations and organizations that execute them. Our goal is to create a world where everything related to marketing is orchestrated.
To achieve this goal, Underworks aims to be a professional firm that can provide comprehensive support from every angle.


CEO President
Manabu Tajima

Looking to a future beyond our imagination

As digitalization is changing the relationship between companies and their customers, customer contact points are becoming increasingly diverse and complex. On the other hand, consumers, both digital and non-digital, are not only looking for convenience in their purchasing activities, but also for a better experience.

In other words, companies need to conduct "creative communication that leads to better customer experience" and "creative communication that leads to improved experience value" in "optimal timing and channels through understanding customer needs based on customer data". In order to achieve this, it is necessary to actively promote "data management and marketing technology utilization.

On the other hand, the explosive spread of marketing technology is gaining momentum every year, as shown in the "Marketing Technology Chaos Map" that we compile every year. The total number of marketing technologies available in the domestic market now exceeds 1,000, and new categories and trends emerge every year. In this environment, companies need to develop strategies, implement them, and measure their effectiveness in a wide range of digital marketing areas, from right-brained areas such as "creative design and content" to left-brained areas such as "technology and data integration and analysis.

In such a market environment, we at UnderWorks would like to provide one-stop support from strategy to execution in the digital marketing domain, and create the development of digital marketing for Japanese companies and more affluent consumer behavior.

Representative director of Underworks Co., Ltd. Following Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), 2006 founded Underworks.Specialize in digital marketing strategy of major companies, marketing tools / platform construction support, marketing automation utilization, global website web governance etc


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